border collie agressif

Once again, thank you very much for helping us with your experience!! So for the safety of my younger children i feel we have no choice but to have him put to sleep even though it will break our hearts. Un dressage spécifique à la vie de famille est donc indispensable! Tootsie is pure love. Once you start training, teaching and leading your Collie, it will start viewing you as the pack leader. If you don’t feel confident enough to tackle the problem on your own or feel fearful of your dog, it is better that you seek help from a professional dog trainer. I hope this helps. And BTW: anyone who wants to beat me up for putting her to sleep….don’t bother, I hurt so much that your words cannot make me feel any worse than I do. Taille et le poids du Border Collie. Cette règle est très importante et horriblement difficile à appliquer. The most effective way to do it is by starting obedience training, because that’s exactly what the alpha dog role is for. I just don’t understand what my husband did that she considered to be an unacceptable behavior. When dealing with an aggressive Border Collie remember that unlike other behavior problems this one can have serious consequences. From my reading, this is an issue with some border collies and aussies — something about their breed, the instinct to bite and nip the sheep or goats they herd. Maintenant, les moutons commencent à courir et le Border Collie l… I thknk she is a Border..he herds, is as sweet as can be and loves everyone until they come into my house. Borders aren’t ‘aggressive dogs’ and they are not guard dogs or bred to fight. you seem to be the only one in this thread who’s had any success…. I feel so sorry for you and your family, you obviously loved her deeply to have tried for this long. You don’t want to escalate things if you don’t have to. But I feel you had no choice. The Border Collie came to the United States in the early 1900s and was instantly a hit, especially among shepherds and farmers. She was wearing the small nose breathing ‘bandaid’ across her nose, which I think saved a serious bite. We did obedience and sheep herding. Ce chien est un grand demandeur de l'activité. my parents have a 5-year-old BC who’s extremely loving to members of our family. I just dont know what to do. He broke her skin and it did get infected. With the Christmas frenzy, did we give her the right chance and opportunity to blend in? Whenever you feel things are getting out of hand, stop what you’re doing and leave the room. We see her herding traits come out before it happens. Vers 7 mois elle sautait pour m’attaquer et me mordre. I have come to the city for 8 weeks where she has a decent backyard, for a city block, and I have started walking her twice a day. C'est pourquoi les jeux et les sports comme attraper un frisbee sont parfaits pour lui [11] X Source de recherche . In your case, it went clear over the top though. He is a good dog to the family other than that and a sook. Dans l'idéal, le Border Collie n'est jamais agressif. Moi j ai une femelle border collie GAIA de 5 ans.tres gentille. Don’t use just the prong collar, they can fall apart at unpredictable times. A Collie will usually jump as a sign of dominance. Border collie est peu agressif. Originaire d'Ecosse, le border collie, bien connu dans sa version noire et blanche, est probablement un des meilleurs chiens de troupeau, vif dans son allure comme dans son regard, tenace, vigilant, jamais craintif ni agressif. Outside , she was aggressive towards other kids, and other people approaching, a group of teens tobogganing nearby, loud barking and aggression. I am so sorry about having to put your BC down. Nous utilisons des cookies pour vous garantir la meilleure expérience sur notre site. do anti-anxiety meds help!? I envy those who are able to do this with no problem. He is otherwise very cuddly and loves my massages he gets given by me, with all your knowledge of various dogs are you able to offer any help on my situation. I myself rescue ‘unruley’ Collies as I am a bit crackers. We do not leave him alone with my nieces at all, as he had an earlier tendency to “round them up” like sheep. It’s a complete guide that covers step by step on how to deal with each behavior issue. HELP! she was extremely difficult to socialize as a puppy. Thats a very sad story, I feel very sorry for you and her, I know it must have been a very hard decision to make, try not to beat yourself up about it!! I have a 3 year old boy border collie and was lovely but in the last year and half he has become very agresive not to me well he snarls at me every now and then but one min he is fine next he gos for my 10 year old daughter and my 8 year old has not broken the skin yet but I don’t want to leave it till that happens we all love him but I love my children more I think I’m going to phone the vets not that I want to but don’t think I have any choice any more does this make me a bad person please help dawn. Our border collie is 8 years old, and is a very well behaved dog almost all of the time. I know this is tough, but he is 13 — that’s like 90 in human years. Maybe she would be happier in a different home setting. Il ne doit, en aucun cas, rester enfermé dans sa maison. she spends so much of the time being anxious that she doesn’t seem to enjoy it, we certainly don’t. Si vous n’avez pas encore adopté un Border Collie, alors renseignez vous mieux et trouvez une autre race de chien de famille. Does anyone know what to do? Playing kill the tennis ball as we are still working on bringing it back to me! Hi! She’s not usually as aggressive with me seeing as I spend a lot of time with her excercising, but this was really rough. What is especially agonizing is that such dogs are often deeply affectionate to owners, and the biting seems to come out of NOWHERE. But after I got her( I had only seen photo) I determined she did not have Golden Retriever personality. He freaks. I have two ‘Rescue’ Border Collies – one 10 year old and one two year old. We had nipping incidents on day two, our 6 yr old with a bite mark on her nose (just missed breaking the skin) and scrape beside the eye, completely unprovoked. She is showing super amounts of agression to other dogs when we walk but no problems with the Staffy we are staying with, nor any other dog she has ever spent time with. Le border collie a besoin d’espace pour vivre et se défouler. We love her dearly but she doesn’t mind very well. However, the next time your dog might have very well blinded someone. My vet had told me that they know within millimeters of where they are biting. Today she snapped at my 23year old nephew. We stressed she could not be around kids. If anyone can offer advice, then it would be greatly appreciated. Look for these signs to warn you before your dog becomes aggressive: To learn how to deal with a dominant or disobedient Border Collie, I highly suggest you check out the Border Collie Owners Guide. She actually drew blood. We have had a couple of episodes of him biting but not breaking skin and to have this happen has made us realise that this is one attack we can’t ignore. Even bringing her back to the house from a walk, she would start nipping at my hand, which was scaring me. Manatee County, Palmetto, FL ID: A100961. My vet and I talked about medicating her for her anxiety but I’m not really sure what to do for her. Il ne doit pas être craintif ni excessivement soumis : c'est un chien équilibré, intelligent, capable d'analyser de nombreuses situations. Sa sélection, basée sur le travail, en fait un animal dynamique, actif et demandeur d’activités. What you did, to take her in to be put down yourself, in a humane manner, is the only decent thing you could have done in this situation. He is deaf but I don’t believe that this is connected to his behaviour in any way. Un besoin de grands espaces pour se dépenser. I am wondering if I need to find a rescue for her. Chrismas day our house was manic, and she tried to bite someone she’d never met(we ha explained to the person what shes like and that she needs introducing properly, he thought he’d be the exception). Très vif et très rapide, il déploie une grande énergie et possède un instinct de rassembleur. La race du Border Collie se trouve dans la catégorie des chiens de taille moyenne. If your dog has developed dominance issues, then you will have to regain the “alpha dog” title. Ici vous découvrirez mon jardin et mes inspirations déco. If you suspect that your Collie might be showing early aggressions signs, act immediately. After several minutes try again. C'est pourquoi il excelle dans les concours d'obéissance et d'agilité. I adopted her in 2010 from the SPCA. I have a 9 month old border who is deaf in one ear and she just started snapping at strangers. Si son énergie est mal canalisée, il pourra alors devenir agressif, d’où la nécessitée de le dresser assez tôt. Yes, more. I am not sure what I could have done differently and every day I wish she were still with us, but I could not risk another attack like that. I treat her her as such. Je crée mon petit paradis breton sur les bord de la Laïta. Les multi promenades sont donc indispensables à son bien-être, tout comme l’entraînement à la marche en laisse, à la course ou au rassemblement de troupeaux. She was born from dogs working cattle so she is no show dog but exceptionally muscular naturally and has more energy than most BC. Facile à dresser - si on tient compte de son très fort instinct de « rabatteur » et si on sait faire preuve de souplesse - il est capable d'apprendre et d'effectuer toutes sortes de tâches. We also have 3 other dogs all older. hi i have a border collie and he has always niped but never me or my husband the only one is my 4 year old but not enogh to leave any marks he is very well behaved the only things is cars bikes or and thing with wheels or strangers he will nip or lung at them i dont really know wat to do but i want to get it sorted befor he gets older if and one can help ??? Border Collie est un chien très dynamique, et a, comme tous ses congénères, ... MAIS, c’est peut-être aussi un chien agressif, peureux, fortement dysplasique ou possédant une quelconque anomalie ou pathologie ne permettant pas non plus une … She seems to be stalking the lab everyone she moves. I do know that she was locked up most of the time, but since we’ve had her here, she’s had almost complete freedom and plays a little rough with my other dog. Très dévoué à son maître, réceptif à l'éducation car attenfif et intelligent, il est . Elle a confiance en nous. Fortunately, his Dad knows that I am trying to deal with the problem and is letting it go. Saisissez votre adresse e-mail pour vous abonner à ce blog et recevoir une notification de chaque nouvel article par e-mail. She hates being touched when woken up, but she’s fine you just say her name. More traits and characteristics of the Border Collie. (to be fair to our dog, the vet did cut too far and hurt him, caused him to bleed which really annoyed me) Any ideas on how to correct this behaviour as we really don’t like to leave him out when family is over (he whines at the door like he is excited) and as for the vet, well no one likes to see their dog that frightened. Find Border Collie dogs and puppies from Florida breeders. Over the last 8 years she had seriously bitten my son twice, requiring an emergency room visit with stitches. Your dog can sense when a person is unsure and nervous and will be less likely to listen to you if you show those emotions. she doesn’t allow anyone into the house including my brother’s friends who have been around since she was a puppy and spend more time at the house than me. Je peux même lui enlever des tiques sans lui mettre de muselière (enfin…pas toujours). We got our border collie from a friends who could not keep her. I have never let one of my pets go and am not sure what to do for her. Shortly after that one, my 8 yr old was sitting across from the pup and she lunged at her nose. I brought her home at about 6 months old (her first family did not have her trained except to come when called) I love her dearly but fear it may come down to finding her a new home. It was not natural behaviour, she did not see it as something she could correct, and as she said there are many pups out there who want to roll and play around with young kids without the fear of biting. When she nips I grab her nose and say no. By grabbing her nose you might end up with a bit as well. Our pup is young and very afraid and shows his fear with aggression. Then she goes nuts. I could use some tips if any of you have any. Adopt Border Collie Dogs in Florida. I know there is a food aggressiveness that has been developing between them lately and I am not sure what has made this happen… Anyway – my BC is currently on doggie Prozac as well as melatonin. I know it helped to save us from an emergency room and plastic surgeon, Absolutely!! This first became apparent after we had been running so I put it down to him being ‘hot and bothered’ but the following week he bared his teeth at my nephew, who was just sat on a seat several feet away from us. My dog wakes sometimes as if he was in a deep sleep and looks up as if to say where am I. It,s so funny. The truth is that once a dog bites someone seriously there are very few courses of action you can take. She has been on them for about 6 months or a bit longer and they do not really seem to do much of anything. I feel for every one faced with this. She got my husband twice when she was just a puppy, punctures but no ER visit needed. And the last bite was to my husband and it was very serious. Find Border Collie Puppies and Breeders in your area and helpful Border Collie information. She is part of our family. We’ve had her since a pup and shes never been mistreated. We will probably do prozac also. Tonight she bit me while i was going to cut off some matted hair, and she broke skin for the first time. Le Border Collie est un chien de troupeau. Your collie is also finding her place in the “new pack” . Thank you! Mais avant cela, il doit avoir bien compris sa place tout en bas de la hiérarchie de la famille. Sans jamais perdre la concentration - jamais vraiment détourner le regard, sur un autre coup de sifflet, il continue à ramper en avant de nouveau. La caresse doit être une récompense. Cova is a very handsome approx 1 year old 55 lb brindle bundle of joy. Aggressive Border Collie Towards Strangers My Border Collie is 6 years old male. She hates water and being brushed. He also absolutely hates the vet and we have to muzzle him for any visits. Nobody will adopt an elderly dog, and worse, he has behavior issues. En récompense, caressez le cou et les épaules. Taking her outside, she started getting more aggressive, and bit our 6 yr old on the arm, putting two holes in the jacket, but not harming our daughter physically. Luckily to this day 12 dogs have come through my doors, and all have gone on to homes. Je n’ai pas fait de recherche réellement sérieuse sur ce chien de caractère et sur comment accueillir ce type de chien en famille. And Claire is correct; you cannot rehome a biting dog and no shelter will take them on, not after a bite of that serious a nature. She is mainly an outside dog but I bring her inside when the temps hit below 38. She had never bitten me, but I did notice that she was no longer listening to my commands and I would have to go get her and make her obey me. It’s very rare for these dogs to get aggressive without showing early warning signs beforehand. He has bit a girl, a long time ago on her anckle when she went to leave. Before you do anything, there are a couple of things which you should NEVER do to an aggressive dog. Don’t let the behavior go unchecked because it will only get worse unless you do something about it. I wish you good luck. When dealing with an aggressive Border Collie remember that unlike other behavior problems this one can have serious consequences. Voici quelques règles face à un border collie agressif: Le chien ne vient pas dans la maison. Elle ronfle toujours sur nos visiteurs (dans la maison uniquement, dehors elle s’en fiche) et même des proches (mais qui ont peur d’elle). L'instinct de soumission du Border Collie en fait un animal complice avec son maître, docile et facile à dresser. Anyone??? Good luck. I brought her to my olive grove where she runs free and I run her on the beach as often as I can. Don’t wait until your dog bites someone before you do anything. My son says the dog is docile when I am not in the house..but he is still crated while I am gone. Il n’est ni craintif, ni agressif. There is always that fear in the first few weeks that they will have be put down. Le thème a l’air vraiment important pour certains. Nous avons été voir un comportementaliste. Are Border Collies Aggressive? She is apparently one of only seven such behaviourists in Canada, and we appreciated her honesty, as we could have ended up paying a lot of money trying to correct this with her. I started researching border collies and aggression, and read several websites, with your posting hitting home. she spends a lot of her time to herself behind the couch, i think they should block off access so she’s forced to be out and social but my parents are at odds about takin away her safe place. For example, they all start with chasing, then nipping, then growling and then develop biting habit. It seems the BC gets the worst of it but she had gotten the lab good a couple times. After 4 months work I am seeing improvement, but it may be another year before he is ready to be around the general public. Le poids de la femelle Border Collie se situe entre 17 et 29 kilos et sa taille entre 47 et 53 centimètres. I am scared with two young kids about this getting worse and worse. I shudder at the thought of having to be in your situation, but please know I do not blame you. Dans cette vidéo partez à la découverte du chien de race Border Collie ! Also when dogs first awake, like children, they need to take time to “come around” first . We are praying we don’t have to do the same. Le Border Collie, mignon toutou noir et blanc, particulièrement à la mode, semblait correspondre à mes vœux. At first we thought it was the hear being summer and all, but now were not sure. I want to take her to a dog park where it is legal to run free and socialise, but am obviously worried. We just sent our BC off to boot camp and hope they can “fix” him. Aggressive Border Collie puppy. It is so sad that these dogs have to deal with these demons! We do not want to give her up, we love her dearly. You can keep him safe from harm and yourself safe from his biting or nipping, by controlling him. My dog has know her all her life, and has stayed with her on numours occassions. I don’t think anyone can beat you up. The people we got her from had many other groups interested, and were going to send her to a farm that specifically wanted her for herding. Luckily she does not touch anybody’s skin. A face bite is VERY serious, much more so than nipping an ankle. I have had two rough haired collies and my last dog was a border collie and my dog now is a border collie who is 3. Last night my teenager jumped up off the sofa and the dog gt excited and jumped up and nipped him on the ankle. As I stated above, try getting a MUZZLE and a CRATE. she does seem to calm down and focus if she’s off leash in the yard playing fetch as long as she’s the only dog(my dog visits often and she’s learned to keep her distance because the BC is very unpredictable with her, sometimes she’ll play but then something will trigger her and she needs to “correct” my Boxer who’s good about just walking away. We are dedicated to try everything to fix him before having to put him down so we just sent him off to board and train for a week where they will work on his anxiety. Le chien n’a évidemment pas sa place sur le canapé, JAMAIS! Il semble hypnotiser les bêtes qu'il doit mener, qu'il s'a… She just gently moves away or suffers my attentions lovingly! I studied dog behavior and watched documentaries on wolves, so I was not ignorant and I understood that she was a dog and that I needed to treat her like a dog. To learn more read this article here. Nous jouons régulièrement à la bagarre pour qu’elle maîtrise bien ses machoires et développe sa confiance envers ses maîtres. We brought the behaviourist to our home for an hour visit, basically for reinforcement. It is so damn hard. Le Border Collie est un chien équilibré, sociable, ardent, vigilant, réceptif et intelligent. He is very intelligent, treat motivated and. Over the next couple of days, we kept her on a leash at all times. Tout ce que je sais , c’est que lorsqu’on a un chien agressif, il faut appliquer strictement toutes les règles que l’on peut lire sur les chiens dominants. He has always been somewhat aggressive towards strangers most of his life. I’ve had trouble with biting issues with past dogs, and currently have an issue with a new (adopted) 5 year old BC, who nips ankles and feet. In the last month though, he has become quite aggressive towards people that he has known since I got him. Border Collie puppies for sale and dogs for adoption in Florida, FL. i’m sure you gave her the best life you could when many people would have given up on her!! Sa place est au garage ou au chenil. But she is my fur baby too. When we have visitors Harry doesn’t.t know I have to put him in another room as he wd growl and bite if he fancies to. We don’t understand why this is happening and not sure how to fix it. Le Border se distingue par son expression éveillée. Although I have been brushing my collie daily since a pup she has decided its not as good as it used to be and now shows her displeasure. old pup, who is having some real aggression issues. You are all, two legs or four, in my heart, thoughts, and prayers. I am so sorry for your loss. Last visit, he soiled and wet himself when the vet took him away from me to just cut his nails and recommended we have him put under anaesthetic next time it needed to be done. border collies do not generaly make good family pets, they need to work and have things to do, they get bored very easy. Ce travailleur intelligent, docile, assez craintif et très tenace possède des particularités très spécifiques de rassembleur dû à ses antécédents de gardien de troupeaux. (adsbygoogle = window.adsbygoogle || []).push({}); Cliquez pour partager sur Twitter(ouvre dans une nouvelle fenêtre), Cliquez pour partager sur Facebook(ouvre dans une nouvelle fenêtre). X, Claire could you please offer a little more insight about what techniques you use to socialize and rehabilitate your rescues? He lives with the elder dog and I, but nobody else, so I’m unsure whether he has started to become protective over me recently, but I don’t understand why. Help!! My latest boy is unfortunately so fear-aggressive that he won’t be rehomable – so I have decided to keep him. If you feel in danger or are fearful that your dog might bite someone, please don’t hesitate to call your local dog trainer. I never have these issues when she is off the lead, but you cant have dogs off the lead when walking them. Good luck trying the meds – they really don’t seem to be making a difference for us.

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