san fran transit: we refuse to release crime

There is a fallacy here. In my mind, things that are easily converted to cash. Oceans, mountains, nice hot summers, gorgeous fall and snowy winters. What good is having a lot of money if you're surrounded by problems and are unhappy? Severe acute respiratory syndrome coronavirus 2 (SARS-CoV-2), the virus that causes coronavirus disease 2019 (COVID-19), has many variants; some are or have been believed to be of particular importance. We have writers who are always ready to work and take up orders with a short deadline. I'm talking about "the average person in SF", exactly as you described in your OP. From my experience having lived in Austin and in Texas (over twice as long as I’ve lived in California, which I first moved to from Austin), it is and has been more progressive than even most of the Bay Area has seemed to me (excluding Santa Cruz and Berkeley which I find comparable). It's eyeopening. We moved to the SF Bay Area in 2009. I doubt that incrementally less public funding for education, cleaning, homeless, and drug problems is something that most of these well-paid residents would notice. It sounds to me what you really want is for someone to alleviate your discomfort by shoveling off the riff-raff so that you can enjoy your bike ride, rather than having to address the systemic issues, which might impact your net worth. I believe my family and I to be low risk - citizens should be free to decide their tolerance for risk and act accordingly. There's even news about this news[1]. (AFAIU, all school systems in California are separate entities principally funded by the state.) I think these advocates will find that even after all these tech companies have taken flight the city's problems will still remain, perhaps worse than before due to the loss of the massive tax base. > I contend that if you are not taking a test it’s because you didn’t need a test. I would report test positivity rate if I had a source. When kids are talking about privilege and colonization, that’s fine. Silicon Valley is really good at 3 things: 3.) I would gladly spent it to make my community more egalitarian. Great for her... A few years old... A must-read for English-speaking expatriates and internationals across Europe, Expatica provides a tailored local news service and essential information on living, working, and moving to your country of choice. I would share more but I'm typing on my phone, I'm just disappointed to see "techies" still being blamed and called money hungry just because people are looking the other way at other problems. Most of the South Bay is 8-10 for schools - it has literally some of the best schools in the country. This might seem like a cynical way to view this but there is no reason why SF is spending in excess of 500 million dollars in ONE YEAR and still have homeless on the street. > Even as [we] devote tremendous time and attention to quashing COVID-19, another public health epidemic that has killed far fewer San Franciscans. This is of course nothing new, for instance NY has gone through many ups and downs of its own and all along many in the media claimed "NY is dying!". [0]. I've wondered if this is something the entire west coast from Vancouver to San Diego is experiencing. But when the American "shithole cities" like Detroit, Buffalo, Gary, Reno, etc that the people of SF like to sneer at are in fact better in their worst parts than the crown jewel of "muh fifth largest economy" it really makes people wonder what the heck went so wrong. Doctors, nurses, EMTs, transit agency workers, taxi drivers, grocery workers, bank tellers, police, firemen, street cleaners, nursing home staff – none of them can lock themselves in their house and continue to get paychecks like the average tech worker. And they tend to be very liberal even by traditional Austin standards and especially by Texas standards in general. Women and girls, in particular, often suffer abuse at the hands of men in a male-driven society where boys are sometimes valued above girls.Â. It was a cool idea targeted at high school and college football teams. But it's inconsistent; there are pockets of high and low ratings even within single school districts. Didn't downvote you, but that 99.7% number is a bit meaningless unless you also state the number of people who were tested at all. You can just leave it with me and maybe I'll put it in there myself. Just to be a bit pedantic, these aren’t apples and oranges comparisons. The other shows the maximum awareness of a problem. There's no state income taxes. In reality it takes much longer than 30 years to topple empires as large as California (or the Bay Area) and it will often appear externally healthy right before the crash. I suspect that the days of SaaS and pure web or mobile app developers are numbered. A bit off topic perhaps, but i'm always interested in peoples opinion on the subject. Connect with friends, family and other people you know. ", It's what your city has been about for over 170 years. I lived in SF (and worked in tech) 2012-2013. This feels like misplaced blame? The local leaders are enabling thus inviting more homeless, etc. The media reports the _known_ positive cases, i.e. I'll stop replying since it seems like we are talking past each other, and I'm attempting to read your posts charitably but I just don't get it. Anyone at all, really. Granted, I'm originally from the south eastern US, so I'm used to hurricanes, but this place is a cake walk. I understand this is your site and you built it, and it's hard to let that go. I applaud people who want to confirm what I have provided. The Seattle area had a big earthquake about 20 years ago[0], which was most certainly felt in Olympia. Collision with a moving motor vehicle is only about 11%. People that are not vulnerable are suffering because they're visibly seeing these people suffer. Since the US isn't an island, anytime SF loosens up, CV will immediately spike anyway, so no real advantage gained. And this likely has long-term political consequences. ), Exactly. If the vaccines live up to their advance billing some small number of lives will be saved, but it is very unclear whether, in the long run, more lives will be lost to the costs of a severe lockdown than saved by it. But that is not going to pay the unfunded pension liabilities of their teachers’ Union. So, she met with and created an Amazon Wish List for each person living under/near a nearby bridge freeway intersection. Positive, negative, and untested. The only reason employers are okay with full remote right now is because of legal liability. While many do complain about the cost of living in California, it is high only because we subsidize a very fat chunk of people who can’t afford to live in the golden state. Attacking these predictions with "haha weren't they stupid" is about as helpful as attacking various failed climate predictions which have been forestalled by environmental policy changes and technological advances, among other course corrections. Funny that there's not a single mention in the article about natives and long-time locals who have constantly voted against new construction or any progressive housing measure, which is the root cause of the crisis to begin with. Homeless people camping out, For what its worth, I ride my bike to work 8 miles each way every day in SF (sunset to exploratorium) and haven't seen a needle since I stopped riding on Division St (literally under the overpass) a couple years ago. That’s a shocking rise from the 441 people who died of drug overdoses in 2019 and the 259 who died the year before that. Even the initiative against keeping public homelessness from being criminalized was widely supported in council and by the mayor (of which I’m not aware of a single party being from California, Greg Casar who is pushing for a lot of the more progressive policies is actually from Houston and Adler went to UT and is from Washington DC). ), - 100% of street homeless are on substances, - 50% of street homeless are mentally ill, That means 50% could still be treated/rehabilitated/re-employed with inexpensive programs (mailing address, internet access, showers, transitional housing. You raise a good point about the study of voting patterns of Texas transplants but whatever the cause I think it's clear that in the long term Texas is trending blue. In my opinion some of the most interesting work (including but not exclusively in tech) is going to happen in the next few years in the Bay Area precisely because of the opportunities and breathing space this outflow of people (and perhaps eventually money) is going to open up. address the systemic issues, which might impact your net worth. But that's politics. Or.. more controversially, mental health issues that shouldn't be allowed to exist in this state. First, just because some entity does it, "The Media", doesn't mean it's good. It depends heavily on where in the city you are. Granted, i'm not a city person.. insanely so - i hate cities.. but this was a new level for me. There are multiple things including giving them straight up clean heroin for, free that really helped getting this 'under control'. My buddy didn't want to move there, but the VC made the investment contingent on him relocating to SF, because that's where the VC lived. Once museums and restaurants reopen, live music returns, and people start throwing parties, folks holing up in Tracy are going to start feeling some serious FOMO and peer pressure, and discounted rent will complete the irresistible offer. > If you really care about public safety, you should pay attention to homelessness, drug addiction, and the problems in the streets! All data is available on the page and I’ve provided links to all sources. Makes us kind of insufferable, but that's precisely the mindset you need when your goal is to replace large segments of the economy with machines and take all the spoils for yourself (and your co-conspirators). And if there is one place in the world setup to fight a big climate problem like fires, it is the academic and technological hive mind of California. Now that's you because you are an insect before the San Francisco Political Machine. But I think your point is strong enough to be presented without exaggeration or misleading. The rate of rent increase in San Francisco was higher before the tech boom than after. because its easy to rouse the mob to go and lynch someone else instead of submitting to a forensic audit or a rip out transparent budget analysis. But $20k is something else again! Insert any decade in the past and you can tell the same story... Good. There are parts of SF that definitely makes me very uncomfortable (I've lived in Hong Kong and know my way around NYC) but SF is kind of interesting in it almost feels like a collection of small cities. On your site, El Paso is still at around 98% negative tests, which makes it appear like everything is under control when in reality the hospitals were mostly overrun and had to send patients outside of the county. I think people who live here tend to get used to seeing these things and also know to avoid spending too much time in some parts of the city. 12B in 2019-20. Release your inner artist with the help of our experts who will show you how to mould, fold, paint, braid, twirl and build plus much more creativity you can do with some materials at home plus your hands of … The 74-members of the UN-led Libyan Political Dialogue Forum (LPDF) have selected an interim Prime Minister and President of its new executive council, marking what the UN Special Representative called another “historic moment” on the road to unification of the war-torn country and national elections in December. [0] I just came back from Austin. While this is tragic, I'm not sure we can attribute these deaths solely to covid lockdowns. These moves were all done pre-covid but as a bay area resident the past year has been horrible like none other, fires raging all summer and toxic smoke, pg&e shutting off the power all the time, crime is really, really bad. The lower-middle class individuals really need to emigrate in an orderly fashion beforehand. those that were confirmed by tests and/or doctor diagnosis. Fixing the zoning and required infrastructure to support more people is not something that will change overnight either (or ever, potentially). I haven't lived there since 2007/8. I don't think the advocates will be thrilled with the results. Tech money buys surprisingly little political influence because the government, unions, construction are all very powerful. Another reason you might not take a test is that you don't know you need it. As of Saturday, that tally was 123. Our only vehicle is a Tesla which we charge at home. Not to mention the time suck of travel time, salted roads, leaking roofs, heating costs. Union Square is very, very different from Sea Cliff and because SF is relatively small physically, it doesn't take long to go from one part to another. See for yourself at Full disclosure, I built this website. [0] - Like food when they had food. The bay area is getting the worst of both worlds: a crisis on the streets and, even despite recent decreases, rents unaffordable to normal working people. This is not due to Californians moving in, as even to this day the majority of Austinites are either born and raised or migrated from other parts of Texas. We have a very tech heavy scene in the city I moved from where people earn 6 figures, with a much higher population and the situation on the ground was nowhere near what it was in SF. That's always been my concern about the west coast. As if one gets to define "what our city is about", even if one gets it horribly wrong from the start. But yeah, from 2009-2020, traffic went from somewhat manageable to batshit crazy. It was a mistake in my earlier comment and I have added an edit. Ditto for Seattle - the East Side has greater wealth, more expensive housing, is less progressive, and is doing much better. As software companies expanded over the past decade, they drew thousands of well-off newcomers who bid up rents and remade the city’s economy and culture.". Job interview questions and sample answers list, tips, guide and advice. The combined Chicago-Cook County budget is ~$20 billion. Pretty much every city and state, liberal or conservative, has a fair share of population that is struggling with drug addiction, mental health issues, and poverty. A. CalPers pumps a lot of money into VC (especially those most subject to local regulation). It's like predicting that a ship is going to hit an iceberg if and only if the pilot doesn't/can't/won't change course in time. Much of the rest of the country, not so much. My point was that dismissing COVID because it "only affects the elderly" is not accurate. So no, this isn't some game of 19 dimensional chess, its just a stupid false narrative being pushed by people with power, vested interests, massive jealousy, thin skin, and many grudges. Is one expected to believe that "tech" should be doing the government's job?

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