aïcha bint abu bakr

When I became fleshy, (again) I raced with him (the Prophet) and he outstripped me. She ended up losing the battle, but her involvement and determination left a lasting impression. [101], Although she retired to Medina, her forsaken efforts against the Rashidun Caliphate of Ali did not end the First Fitna. Al-Dhahabi quoted a saying of the Prophet (S.A.W.) When Ali could not execute those merely accused of Uthman's murder, Aisha delivered a fiery speech against him for not avenging the death of Uthman. Ramadan in 58 Hijria gestorben ist. A'ishah bint Abi Bakr (613/14 d. C. – 16 de julio de 678 d. C.) (en árabe: عائشة) [1] fue la tercera y más joven de las esposas de Mahoma, y su esposa favorita, por lo curiosa que era. [45] Gibril Haddad criticizes this approach as relying on a single narrator, and notes that a hadith from the same narrator gives a broader range for the age difference between the sisters. [46] Using reports on the birth year of Fatimah as a reference point, the Lahore Ahmadiyya Movement scholar Muhammad Ali has estimated that Aisha was over ten years old at the time of marriage and over fifteen at the time of its consummation. Abbott reports that Muhammad ibn Abi Hudhayfa of Egypt, an opponent of ‘Uthmān, forged letters in the Mothers of the Believers' names to the conspirators against ‘Uthmān. Her parents were very scared because they were worried that the rumors would be confirmed by Allah. Asmaa bint Abi Bakr (en arabe : ʾasmāʾ bint ʾabī bakr, أسماء بنت أبي بكر) est la fille d'Abu Bakr.Elle serait née vers 595. He remained in Aisha's apartment until his death, and his last breath was taken as he lay in the arms of Aisha, his most beloved wife.[78][79][80][81][82]. L’histoire d’Aïcha la mère des croyants est née à la Mecque, 7 ans avant l’hégire. Aisha's accusers were subjected to punishments of 80 lashes.[72]. When the march for return from Banu Mustaliq was ordered, Aisha (R.A.) was not in her tent, having gone to search for a necklace she had dropped (which was given to her by her Mother). She was barely five years old at the time. As caliph, Abu Bakr was the first to set guidelines for the new position of authority. [16] Throughout ‘Umar's time in power Aisha continued to play the role of a consultant in political matters. was buried in her house/room. "[70], The story of the accusation of adultery levied against Aisha, also known as the Event of Ifk,[71] can be traced to sura (chapter) An-Nur of the Qur'an. ), Abu Bakr Siddiq (R.A.). "[104] After the death of Muhammad, Aisha was discovered to be a renowned source of hadiths, due to her qualities of intelligence and memory. Much of her time was spent learning and acquiring knowledge of the Quran and the sunnah of Muhammad. ‘Aïcha a vécu son enfance avec son père et … Aisha bint abu bakr (5) 1. ", She (R.A.) answered, “When I was sick, the Prophet (S.A.W.) Aisha (R.A.) was third and youngest wife of Prophet (S.A.W.). One relates that when a companion asked Muhammad, "who is the person you love most in the world?" asked her what it was. When her forces captured Basra she ordered the execution of 600 Muslims and 40 others, including Hakim ibn Jabala, who were put to death in the Grand Mosque of Basra. Hafsa and I decided that when the Prophet entered upon either of us, she would say, "I smell in you the bad smell of Maghafir (a bad smelling raisin). modifier - modifier le code - modifier Wikidata L'empire du califat d'Abou Bakr à son apogée, en 634. In particular, Muhammad's unions with Aisha and Hafsa bint Umar associated him with two of the most significant leaders of the early Muslim community, Aisha's and Hafsa's fathers, Abu Bakr and ‘Umar ibn al-Khattāb, respectively. Questions Who was the first among men to embraceIslam?Abu Bakr Al-Sedeeq Who was the first among women to embraceIslam?Khadeeja Bint Khuwailed Prophet Mohammed married widows,divorced women except one who was she?Aisha Bint Abu Bakr [49], During Aisha's entire life she was a strong advocate for the education of Islamic women, especially in law and the teachings of Islam. They could even dare to insult and malign his clean private life. Al-Tabari says she was nine at the time her marriage was consummated. The so-called Muslim women's movement is predicated on the idea that Muslim men, not Islam, have been responsible for the suppression of women's rights. Aisha (R.A.) was in extreme pain and anguish for an entire month because of the slander that was spread about her. Malik al-Ashtar then approached her about killing Uthmān and the letter, and she claimed she would never want to "command the shedding of the blood of the Muslims and the killing of their Imām";[90] she also claimed she did not write the letters. Aisha bint Abi Bakr (R.A.) was born in Makkah in 613 or early 614 CE, three or four years after Messenger of Allah’s (S.A.W.) Aisha was one of three wives (the other two being Hafsa bint Umar and Umm Salama) who memorized the Qur'an. Once on a visit to her father Abu Bakr (R.A.), Prophet (S.A.W.) First, she (R.A.) was intelligent, brilliant, well-informed on religious and historical matters. Elle joue un rôle important pendant les premières années de l'islam. During the time of the third caliph Uthman, Aisha had a leading part in the opposition that grew against him, though she did not agree either with those responsible for his assassination or with the party of Ali. Aisha Bint Abu Bakr Places Visited By: Nishee, Marlene, Nehmat Iraq Battle of Camel Mecca Birthplace Married in Mecca Preached Gave lessons to people Mohammed's Death Aisha: important source for Hadith writers He remained in Aisha's apartment until … He would often just sit and watch her and her friends play with dolls, and on occasion, he would even join them. IslamicFinder © 2021. She (R.A.) was an ideal wife who was interested in learning from the Prophet (S.A.W.). [102], After 25 years of a monogamous relationship with his first wife, Khadija bint Khuwaylid, Muhammad participated in nine years of polygyny, marrying at least nine further wives. Hisham lbn Urwa (a prominent narrator of hadith) said: ‘I have never seen anyone who could have knowledge of an ayah (Quranic verse), an obligatory act, a Sunnah act, poetry, history, lineage, judgement, or medicine better than Aisha (R.A.). Before his death, he appointed ‘Umar, one of his chief advisers, as the second caliph. Some such as Sibt ibn al-Jawzi, Hakim Sanai, and Khwaja Mehboob Qasim Chishti Muhsarafee Qadiri say that she was murdered by Muawiyah. Er wurde nachts auf dem Friedhof von Baqi beigesetzt. Sometimes we might have trouble finding where you are located. She relieved the Prophet's (S.A.W.) as "the mothers of the believers." [27][28][29], Aisha's age at the time of her marriage is frequently mentioned in Islamic literature. Thus, Allah told His Messenger (S.A.W.) [98], Ali rallied supporters and fought Aisha's forces near Basra in 656. "[34] Other sources differ on the age of marriage, but agree that the marriage was not consummated at the time of the marriage contract. As the chamber, in which she was travelling, was veiled and her absence was not noticed until the army reached the next stop for rest. This has been combined with information about Asma's age at the time of her death and used to suggest that Aisha was over thirteen at the time of her marriage. Some writers have calculated Aisha's age based on details found in some biographies, eschewing the traditionally-accepted ahadith. Aisha (R.A.) was the only wife of the Prophet (S.A.W.) ‘A’isha was eighteen years of age at the time when the Holy Prophet (peace and blessings of Allah be upon him) died and she remained a widow for forty-eight years till she died at the age of sixty-seven. death, which ended their fourteen-year long marriage, Aisha (R.A.) lived, as per different sources, 47-48 more years, mostly in Madinah. [104] Aisha's authentication of Muhammad's ways of prayer and his recitation of the Qur'an allowed for the development of knowledge of his sunnah of praying and reading verses of the Quran. Afterward, she lived quietly in Medina for more than twenty years, took no part in politics, became reconciled to Ali and did not oppose caliph Mu'awiya.[15]. According to Sunni hadith reports, Muhammad saw Aisha in two dreams[114][115] in which he was shown that he would marry her. Despite differences in culture, nationalities, and beliefs, these women believe that the lesson to be learned from Muhammad in Medina is that Islam is above all an egalitarian religion. [40] Read our Much of her time was spent learning and acquiring knowledge of the Quran and the Sunnah. As the story goes, Aisha left her howdah in order to search for a missing necklace. They criticize her of hating Ali and defying him during his caliphate in the Battle of the Camel, when she fought men from Ali's army in Basra.[118]. Normally when discussing the marriage of the Prophet (Peace and Salutations be upon him) to Aisha the first question that is raised is the age of Aisha when she married the Prophet (Peace and Salutations be upon him). All information on IslamicFinder.org is verified by professionals beforehand. Privacy Policies. In such a modest room, Aisha (R.A.) started her marital life which became the speech of the world. During Caliphate of Umar Ibn Khattab (R.A.), Aisha (R.A.) continued to play the role of a consultant in political matters. Once Abdullah ibn Abbas (R.A.) was asked about the interpretation of the verses related to Aisha (R.A.), he explained them as follows: Her parents were overpowered by a proud sense of relief; pride that their daughter had been honored with a Quranic revelation, and relief that she was acquitted of any wrongdoing. As per different Islamic sources, all of Aisha's (R.A.) accusers were subjected to punishments of 80 lashes. prophet-hood. This is the generally accepted date, although the actual date of birth is not known for certain. location and privacy settings to factory defaults." [18][19] She was the daughter of Umm Ruman and Abu Bakr of Mecca, two of Muhammad's most trusted companions. She died in Ramadan 58 AH during the caliphate of Mu‘awiya... Aisha was born at the beginning of the fourth year of prophethood. The speech that he made in the mosque expressed it clearly: Aisha (R.A.) was neither afraid nor worried about these rumors. This was an advantage for Aisha (R. Surah 24 details the Islamic laws and punishment regarding adultery and slander. After Muhammad's death, which ended Aisha and Muhammad's 14-year-long marriage, Aisha lived fifty more years in and around Medina. How did you learn it, aunt? Ibn Khallikan, alors qu’Ibn Sa'd al-Baghdadi, citant Hisham ibn Urwah, soutient qu’elle avait 9 ans au mariage et 12 ans lors de la consommation . do to help fix the problem. Thereby I memorized such prescriptions.”. She expressed herself as a role model to women, which can also be seen within some traditions attributed to her. Various ahadith stating that Aisha was either nine or ten at the time of her consummation come from collections with sahih status, meaning they are regarded as reputable by most Sunni Muslims. [88], As time continued issues of antipathy towards ‘Uthmān continued to arise. The Incident of Ifk is the slander by Abdullah bin Ubai, the leader of the hypocrites, against Aisha bint Abi Bakr (R.A.). Some Sunni commentators on the Qur'an sometimes give this story as the "occasion of revelation" for At-Tahrim, which opens with the following verses: O Prophet! Her slaves mounted the howdah and prepared it for travel without noticing any difference in weight without Aisha's presence. According to many sources, it is said that they both spent two or three months without cooking. Aisha (R.A.) was one of three wives of the Prophet (S.A.W.) [20][21], The idea to match Aisha with Muhammad was suggested by Khawlah bint Hakim after the death of Muhammad's first wife, Khadija bint Khuwaylid. [95][96][97] [60][61][62] Additionally, they were close enough that each was able to discern the mood of the other, as many stories relate. wives, Khadija bint Khuwaylid (R.A.) and Aisha bint Abi Bakr (R.A.) are the most famous.

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