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Our specialization is silver classic tabby colors, black or chocolate.. From time to time we have kittens for sale, A white British Shorthair cat can have sapphire blue eyes (known as a blue-eyed white BSH). British Shorthair Chocolat La chatterie de l'orange bleue est un petit élevage occasionnel, à dimension familiale, amoureux du British Shorthair et du Scottish Fold, situé à 30 km de Lille. An overly pale brown ground colour constitutes a fault in this combination. Kentucky. The cat’s bib, chest and undercarriage should all be white; the legs should either have tonal shading or be white too. Paw pads should be in keeping with the overall colour of the cat. Both this butterfly pattern’s wings, upper and lower, should be clearly defined and crisp. It’s okay for the legs to have small patches of colour. Many of these have been formally recognised by the various cat registries. These pretty cats have rich cream markings against a lighter ground colour of pale cream with a cool tone. Nose leather and toe pads should also be blue to match the cat’s coat. Pure Breed British shorthair kittens looking for new family! Galaxie, une chatonne british shorthair color-point Frimousse, british shorthair black silver tabby. Chocolate Irbis rare colors British shorthair kittens adopt in happy homes EXCLUSIVE color in USA Beautiful TICA Registered kittens available. Black BSH cats need to have fur of the purest jet black, with no rusty shades or brown patches. Here is a photo of one of our lilac bicolour British Shorthair kittens: The genetics of the bicolour British Shorthair These cats have a deep and subtle colouration, with markings of dense jet black on a rich copper brown ground. Full of British reserve, the British Shorthair cat has a quiet voice and is an undemanding companion. Other eye colours are not permitted in mature cats; rims and flecks of other colours are not allowed either. Chocolate british shorthair kittens for sale. Un British Short… The cat’s face, tummy and should show the base colour clearly. The tipping should be even across the whole of the cat’s body, except for the undercarriage and chin. The smoke variant has caused something of a stir in the cat fancy. Enjoy the videos and music you love, upload original content, and share it all with friends, family, and the world on YouTube. The nose leather may be blue or pink, as may the paw pads. The nose leather and paw pads of a lilac British Shorthair should be a similar pinkish lilac to the fur. Wabisabis Uppsa La of McSmitten “Lally” The following colours are accepted in spotted tabbies as for the classic and mackerel varieties: As well as the varieties listed above spotted British Shorthairs may also have tortoiseshell tabby colourations. In the case of a tortie tipped cat, red or cream should not be absent or insufficient. Mâle british shorthair d'un an et demi, non catré ( pour le moment ... ), très affectueux et sociable avec les autres chats. This gave rise to a blue-eyed BSH variant with light-coloured bodies and contrasting points. A little tinge of rust is okay when the cat is still a kitten; they tend to grow out of it. Meow! ... 1 femelle chocolat au prix de 1300€ 1 femelle noire au prix de 1300€ 1 male chocolat au prix de 1300 € Nos chatons sont disponibles pour … There should be one central line running unbroken along the length of the cat’s spine, with broken lines on either side of it. In an adult cat, the fur should be solidly black. This variety of British Shorthair can have green or hazel eyes alongside the breed standard eyes of orange. All colours of the ticked tabby variant are deemed to have preliminary status and are not yet fully recognised as part of the British Shorthair breed standard. The cat’s nose leather should be brick red in colour. Even heavy shading is acceptable as long as the cat’s other features are good. Kazakh (CFA) Russian Blue MORE. The nose leather and paw pads should be a light or rosy pink. A ticked tabby’s tail can be ringed (the rings can be complete or broken); alternatively, it may show a continuation of the spine line’s darker colour. Nos chatons sont élevés avec beaucoup d'amour et d'attentions. Home of gorgeous British Shorthair Kittens with round faces, big cheeks, soft velvety coats, and fantastic personalities. The exception to these rules is the black silver ticked tabby, who may have green or hazel eyes. It’s one of the oldest in the breed, created by breeding the British Shorthair line with Russian Blues many generations ago. The ground colour for this variant should be a soft bluish fawn. British black silver tabby. chatterie de british shorthair spécialisée dans le chocolat golden Lilac tabby BSH cats have markings of lilac — that is to say, a warm grey with a distinctly pink hue. Red Ferne (CFA) Abyssinian MORE. Cinnamon is another fairly new addition to the breed standard. The breed standard also accepts tortie points and a great range of tabby colourpoints. Code. Three of our cinnamon cats from Germany carry a long hair genes so sometimes, a medium hair kitten is born to short hair parents, and it is called a “Highlander” in Europe and Longhair BSH in US. Van markings should be nice and clear with no white hairs in the coloured sections; all colours should be sound with no pronounced tabby markings. Aller au contenu. 4 girls available, from £895 All Blue and White Bicolour's - Polly - £995 Lola -£995 Pandora - £1100 Tilly - £895 Please note Pandora is a rare British shorthair variant - meaning she is fluffy!! In all varieties, the markings need to be clear and dense in colour, well-defined and not faint or blurred. Markings should not be brindled. The British Shorthair is slow to mature; on average, these cats reach full-size by about the age of three, but some don’t fully mature until the age of five. LAZIBLUES Cattery is a registered name with The International Cat Association (TICA) and the Cat Fanciers Association (CFA). It’s a charming colour, especially combined with the British Shorthair’s orange eyes. The rest of the mask should be a clearly defined point colour and should match the ears and tail. We soon found out that if we wanted really the best, we had to bring our breeders from the best EU lines. To a loving home, fully vaccinated and comes with pedigree. Gigi has been a mom once to the 2019 Rare Scotch litter. Our British Shorthair kittens are social, confident, ready to love and be loved. The coat colour in this breed can vary somewhat, with any shade of rich chocolate being accepted within the breed standard. Also known as a “Tippy”, the tipped British Shorthair is a cat with the silver gene but with a colour at the ends of their hairs. As long as the freckling is slight, it won’t be penalised by show judges even in a mature cat. 118 likes. The ideal British Shorthair has short, well-developed limbs, round paws and a blunt tail with a broad base. The undercoat is very pale (it can be cream, silver or another light shade), appearing white with a “frosting” of colour. In kittens it may be completely solid, showing an M pattern on the forehead. Les chats roux, crème et blancs sont des déclinaisons des couleurs les plus claires. We are located in New York City and Westchester County and specialize in breeding blue and lilac British Shorthair cats. Ganache, un chaton british shorthair chocolat smoke . Smoke BSH cats with colourpoints are also possible, adding yet another variety to the already staggering range of possibilities. Hi, my name is Sarah and I would like to welcome you to You will learn here everything you need to know when owning a British Shorthair cat. It’s very easy to see why: not only are they very winsome and prepossessing to look at, they have charming natures. We decided to breed rare, unique colors. It took a lot of planning and a lot of preparation, because we wanted to start out with the best available breeding cats. “Gigi” is a Black Smoke British Shorthair with movie star beauty! Nose Leather can be black but brick red noses are preferred. Paw pads and nose leather may be either chocolate or pink. link to How long can a mother cat be away from her kittens? Their nose leather and paw pads should both be pink. In particular, there should be no white hairs anywhere. Red as a British Shorthair colour is still at the provisional stage; it’s quite a recent addition. Paw pads should be black. The gold colour must be sound all the way down the hair shaft to the roots, with no darkening or fading into a different hue. Vans are cats with a predominantly white body and a patch of colour on the head. Self or solid colour BSH cats can be pure white — the only time that any white hair is accepted on this breed. Ticked tabby coat colours include brown, blue, chocolate, lilac, cinnamon, fawn, cream and red. Golden tippies should have a chin, stomach, chest and undertail of a pale apricot colour. The classic tabby cat’s markings should include a butterfly shape across the shoulders. … We are small, house based, British Shorthair Cattery located in Denver, COLORADO, USA. The coat colour has markings of a warm pinkish grey, while the ground colour is a pale silvery lilac. Chaton British Shorthair à vendre. Nose leather should be brick-red. The tip of the tail should have the same colour as the cat’s markings. This is a very light and subtle variation on the tabby theme. Their parents come from famous bloodlines. A tortie tabby’s eye colour should be copper, orange or amber with no trace of green. These cats also come in a wide variety of colors and patterns tabby and color pointed. The mackerel tabby pattern is characterised by many narrow stripes, without the oblong “islands” seen in the classic tabby. The tabby’s ears should be the same colour as the stripes, with a “thumbprint” of the ground colour at the base. In spotted tabbies the pattern on the legs should be spotted rather than barred; we shall go into more detail about the spotted tabby’s colouration in a later section. (CFA TICA) American Shorthair,British Shorthair MORE. La couleur colore entièrement la queue et se situe, en principe, sur le dessus de tête et n’englobe pas les oreilles (deux taches maximum dont une sur la tête Bicolour British Shorthairs come in every colour: blue, lilac, chocolate, cinnamon, fawn, cream, tortie, colourpoint, shaded, tabby, black and everything in between! Nose Leather should be brick red, preferably; black nose leather is also allowed. Chocolate British Shorthairs get their colouration from cross-breeding with chocolate Persians (followed by extensive work to rein in the tendency to longer hair and regain the proper coat texture). Each hair should have two to three bands of colour that extend down the hair shaft; the colour at the roots is the base colour. The British Shorthair is the most popular pedigree cat in the UK. New varieties of tippies are appearing all the time, with the reception on the show bench being very positive. The butterfly’s wings should be broken up with patches of the lighter ground colour. The cat’s coat should be evenly tipped, with the colour on the legs fading towards the paws. We breed British Shorthairs cats and kittens from 2001. DjaVuPurrs (CFA TICA) Exotic,Persian MORE. Mum is a Calico British Shorthair & Dad is a big Lilac British Shorthair. Nos 3 minous, Matisse, Javel et Lollipop, vivent avec nous […] The cat’s chin, chest, stomach and undertail fur should be pale — the lighter the better — but there should not be any white patches. In both varieties of tabby, the cat’s tail should have ring-shaped markings that are narrow and as numerous as possible. Tail rings need to be complete on a classic tabby. Colours can be any one of the accepted self-colours with a pale near-white undercoat. Apparaissant comme marron, il existe cependant des nuances dans cette catégorie avec des chats qui sont classées dans la même couleur avec une robe assez différente. Visit Available British Shorthair Kittens for sale. Notre CHATTERIE se compose de 2 mâles chocolats BRITISH SHORTHAIR, 1 mâle lilac blotched tabby, ainsi que 6 femelles, 4 bleues, 1 femelle chocolat et 1 femelle bleue mackerel tabby. Look at pictures of British Shorthair kittens who need a home. Nos chatons peuvent être bleus, bicolores, tabby silver ou brown, chocolats... Ils sont de pédigrée LOOF British shorthair et longhair. Mackerel tabbies should have the same facial markings seen on the classic tabby. To be a show-quality cat the white needs to be clean and pure, with no tinge of yellow or other colours. On each flank there should be an oyster-shaped oblong mark with at least one unbroken ring around it. The tortie tabby colouration is a combination of both tortoiseshell and tabby patterns, with the tabby spots or stripes being overlaid with patches in shades of cream or red. Enjoy the site! Ticked tabbies are rather different from classic or mackerel tabbies. Abizaq-Kytu Paw Pads can be eitherchocolate or pink in colour. Colourpoints in all the recognised self-colours are accepted, along with seal point BSH cats. The belly should show spotted markings and a tabby’s toes should also be spotted. This heavier ticking may extend along the full length of the ticked tabby’s tail. In classic, mackerel and spotted tabby cats, the face markings should include a letter “M” on the forehead that looks rather like a frown. You can cancel your email alerts at any time. The classic orange eye-colour of this breed makes an arresting combination with deep black fur. Tabby markings in British Shorthair cats fall into one of three categories: classic tabby, mackerel tabby and spotted tabby. The coat colour should have markings of a warm cream on a ground colour that’s silvery, almost white.

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