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Red Endler Guppy. photo's from here - male, female: [Broken link], That guppy ain't an endler it's a common guppy, Ross wrote: En sachant qu'elle met en moyenne 28 jours pour mettre bas, les accouchements s’enchaînent très (trop) vite. This is what we believe produced our first male Snakeskin Orchid Endler. Pure The Bronze guppy is a guppy that is a genetic gold with more than 25% ” gold color” on the body with scales outlined in black. We have created a few of our own hybrids and have found that creating a stable hybrid strain can also take many more tanks than we have room for at this time. Par contre, il faut être un expert afin de pouvoir différencier un guppy Endler femelle d’une guppy. Sometimes strains are developed to match specific traits that are found in a group of wild caught Endlers. Gold Endler guppy has a very interesting coloring – a golden body of the male has small red spots on it … We’ve often heard that you can breed a pure male Endler from one strain with a pure female Endler from another strain and you would get a pure strain Endler that is just like the original male., How To Acclimate Aquarium Fish To A New Home, Experimenting With Different Types Of Aquarium Substrate, Harvesting Aquarium Plants From Our Low Tech Tank. Not all pure female Endlers are completely neutral. Because, they are really moving fish. Le guppy et le guppy endler sont des poissons très différents contrairement à ce que l’on peux penser. Browse our Endler Forum: For the most part we don’t create hybrids as there are so many great hybrids being created by hobbyists all the time. En gros, en compagnie de mâle, la femelle Guppy est toujours en attente d'alevins. The breeding of Endler fish is very simple, and they can breed keenly in a conventional tank. This extra long swordtail usually takes several months before it can be seen that it is different than the other males. The fertilisation in Endler fish takes at the age of 2months. Endlers Livebearer. Adding small quantities of salt to your tank is a good idea for Endlers. The females are bigger than males. Guppy endler: Les guppy endler sont plus petits que les guppy classiques, ils peuvent vivre dans 60L minmum, mais 100L est mieux. Most of the beautiful Endler hybrids that we carry were created by other hobbyists. Endlers tend to have a thinner body shape this is especially true around the rear portion of the body. Le guppy endler est un poisson vivant en petit groupes qui réside naturellement proche de la surface.C'est une espèce au tempérament plutôt calme.. De manière générale, c'est un poisson indépendant qui ne se préoccupe guère des autres espèces.. Ce poisson est polygâme, le mâle est entouré de plusieurs femelles. Nice looking Endlers. Catégorie. Sinon, je suis d'accords avec Aquadou, généralement on peut commencer à faire la différence … Guppy Reproductive Habits. This looks like a female Guppy. Au niveau de sa couleur, la femelle guppy est moins belle que le mâle ce qui permet de rapidement les différencier. Also, all the male fry look like their father no matter what the maternal grandfather was. Mâles et femelles se ressemblent à une différence près : le mâle possède une tâche rouge sur la nuque tandis que la calotte de la femelle est entièrement noire. Female Endlers look like female guppy's but are not! Info. Male Guppies usually have very slender body. We do not recommend adding female Endlers to the tank as they will quickly multiply and become too many fish for your tank. Toujours mettre 1 mâle pour 3 femelles car le mâle se montre pressant face aux femelles. Male Endlers tend to do much more courting towards the females than do male Guppies which tend to be more aggressive towards females. guppys variés Poecilia reticulata Limia perugiae Xipho porte épée koï koaku Xiphophorus helleri xiphophorus helleri Xipho porte épée variés Xiphophorus maculatus platys variés Platy perroquet Xiphophorus variatus. While netting an Endler it is quite easy to accidentally net some fry as well. you can tell the difference by looking the fin on there *****,, sorry I forgot what do they call that,, female fin there you read and agreed to the, How to tell if your goldfish is male or female, How to tell if an angelfish is male or female. We're excited about these fish and proud to have them in our aquariums. Le guppy endler est un poisson vivant en petit groupes qui réside naturellement proche de la surface . First and foremost if you wish to keep pure N Class Endlers make sure you get them from someone that is reputable and can share with you the documentation of where the Endlers came from all the way back the the original ones that were captured in Venezuela. Les guppys sont de magnifiques poissons. To prevent this we make sure all of our tanks are covered with glass and any opening is covered with tape or something else. Later Philippe Voisin returned to the same location and captured one or more Blue Star Endler males. The Mysteries Surrounding the Endler Classification System (ECS), Philippe Voisin’s Tremendous Contributions to the Endler Community, Campoma & Cumana Region Endlers Discovered Since 2007. As far as the number of fish goes you should be fine with 6 males as long as the tank is well cycled and has a good filtration system. Guppy commun: Je suis sûre que quand vous avez vu ces couleurs vous vous dites, Wouaaa!!! Son nom est donné en hommage à un botaniste et explorateur britannique nommé Robert John Lechmere Guppy. Staeck Endlers are thought to by natural Guppy/Endler hybrids. The breeding takes place in the tank, and it does not require any special prepar… The Endler's Livebearer is thought to be just a color variant of the common guppy (Poecilia reticulate), but it is under debate whether that is true or not. It is quite rare to find these guppies in pet stores. Yellow Tiger was originally created accidentally from a cross between Endlers and guppies. Thank you, Petit poisson d'eau douce de 2 à 4cm adulte. Males & Females Quick View. Good observation and you are correct! Bien qu'ils soient susceptibles de manger leurs petits, ces animaux se reproduisent plus rapidement lorsqu'ils s'accouplent .Vous avez la possibilité de distinguer facilement un mâle guppy d'une femelle à partir d'une semaine de vie. Micropoecilia picta. The internal propagation is achieved owing to gonopodium. Use caution when selecting Endlers based on body shape as some hybrids look very much like pure Endlers in coloration and body shape. These are sometimes referred to as Endler/Endler hybrids which are not actually genetic hybrids just crosses withing the same species. Save my name, email, and website in this browser for the next time I comment. Shipping Info FAQ Thank you for sharing. I don’t believe any of them are pure wingei with the possible exception of the Staeck Endlers. I think she's also pregnant, Whether or not you choose to selectively breed your Endlers or not you are in a way creating your own line of Endlers based on the available genetics in your colony. The scientific name is Poecilia wingei. The primary purpose of our website is to share information to help others enjoy the hobby as much as we do. I’m assuming that you are referring to Orchid Endlers and Snakeskin Orchid Endlers. Breeding Endler’s Livebearer Fish. The male offspring of such an occurrence the can then display the genetic trait that was once only carried by the females., And the last is another of my female (I think). Oh yes, egg layers (tetras) and live-bearers (Endlers) cannot breed together so their would be no issues with them interbreeding. Especially if you'll feed them premium fish flake food. Is it wrong to mix them? As with the Neons, Endlers are fast enough to stay out of the way of the Betts and would likely do fine however the additional activity in the tank may stress the Betta. I’ve been told that el salto, staeck, Japan blue, and yellow tiger are not wingei, is that correct? There are many breeders that are clearly offering hybrids as pure N Class Endlers and likely many more who believe they are offering pure Endlers when in fact their colony has been hybridized at some time without their knowledge. The question came to mind, because the majority of Endler females I have are so plain in their appearance, it made me wonder how pure strains could be obtained from the wild, unless there is no overlapping of territories. Ces un poisson pacifique et qui se plait avec de nombreuses espèces. It is our belief that pure N Class Endlers will become increasingly difficult to obtain in years to come. We have attempted to produce a line of Endlers that all have extra long swordtails using several different strains however the end result has always produced fry that grow to have a very small swordtail. One of the easiest ways is to get hybrids unknowingly in the first place. We want our Endlers to look as close as possible but better than the original strains they were developed from. As per IFGA standards a Gold guppy must have at least 25% of the body showing the color of real gold metal on the body. Size . Le mâle se dinstingue de la femelle par des excroissance sur le devant. Your email address will not be published. C'est une espèce au tempérament plutôt calme . Have a nice day. En sachant qu'elle met en moyenne 28 jours pour mettre bas, les accouchements s’enchaînent très (trop) vite. Les mâles cohabitent très bien ensemble mais il leur faut un nombre cohérent de femelles. We have seen this in nearly every type of pure N Class Endler we have kept however it does not occur very often. While the Endlers may look very similar to the ones captured in Venezuela they can never be exactly the same. The gravid spot. Is the Endlers Livebearer Really a Guppy? Do you have any idea when they will be available to ship? Guppy endler, Tiger, 2-2,5cm, Mâle. These fry can literally fly across a room and into another tank undetected as they try to escape the net. Nombre min. Le guppy endler est un poisson vivant en petit groupes qui réside naturellement proche de la surface.C'est une espèce au tempérament plutôt calme.. De manière générale, c'est un poisson indépendant qui ne se préoccupe guère des autres espèces.. Ce poisson est polygâme, le mâle est entouré de plusieurs femelles. Neons would seem to be a good choice as the size is similar and Neons are usually great community fish. Guppies tend to have a silvery colored body and Endlers tend to be more golden. 23 à 28°C. It derives its species name from Øjvind Winge, a Danish biologist who extensively researched the genus these species belong to. Due to long term selective breeding programs there are some breeds, which you won’t encounter in the wild. Once again, just because a fish is called an Endler doesn’t mean it’s not a hybrid. Are the scales sticking out like a pinecone? $15.87 shipping. Male Endlers and male wild Guppies look very much alike to the untrained eye. ok... whatever the pet store said otherwise, photo's from here - male, female: Female mate choice appears to favor the evolution of conspicuous color patterns in male guppies (Poecilia reticulata) from Trinidad, but color patterns vary strikingly among populations. 2+ Endlers livebearers male fish assorted colors peaceful Easy community. Endlers have a thin gonopodium that has one hook. You may go to any sold out listing and click on the “email me when available” button to sign up to be notified the instant we are able to put something back in stock. I couldn’t take a foto of them. Le mâle est plus petit et plus coloré que la femelle. Similar to wild Guppies, Endlers are very active and tend to use every portion of the tank. Why is this? The difference in size between a male and female Guppy is very apparent early on. Female Guppies are almost twice as big as male are. 2eme différence: Les paramètres et la température sont identiques à celles du guppy classique. Vous reconnaitrez le juvénile grâce à sa calotte entièrement rouge. Si cette règle n'est pas respectée on peut observer des comportements totalement aberrants pour. I don’t know. yeah, I guess so, Endler hybrids that are streamline and Endler size are usually referred to as Endlers. Yes, I'd say that is gravid female, but she's a guppy (maybe a cobra?) Guppies and Endlers If something is listed as sold out and you are interested in getting some please sign up to be notified once it goes back in stock! Line Breeding Endlers… A Casual Hobbyist Approach, Making Your Endlers as Beautiful as Possible, Wild Strain Endlers Livebearers VS Non-Wild, Characteristics We Find Desirable In Orchid Endlers, Orchid Endlers: A Unique Livebearer for Your Aquarium. 6412: 1 - 2 cm: € 3,55 Poecilia endler red. Technically they are both Orchid Endlers. This spot is found near the tail and it looks quite dark. Référence : FQGUENTI4. Our answer is no. When Endlers where first introduced into the hobby they were often thought to simply be another type of Guppy. The Snakeskin Orchid Endlers are simply a variation of the Orchid Endlers. Guppies tend to be much stockier. I don’t believe any of them are pure wingei with the possible exception of the Staeck Endlers. Endlers or Endler’s Livebearer is a colorful species of the Poecilia genus sold by the name of Endler’s Guppy in pet shops. The distinctive feature of this fish is its tiny size – male isn’t larger than 1 inch (2–2,5 cm), female can grow up to 1.4 inches long (3,5 cm). Those that are more stocky or have large fins are usually referred to as Guppies. My guess is that it would result in Endlers that would have a snake pattern but that the pattern would not be as pronounced. The swordtail can be made to grow even longer with selective breeding.From time to time a male may exhibit a swordtail that is much longer than most male Endlers growing out to almost a half an inch. Thank you for your comments and I would like to order 2 of each as I have no desire or time to breed them. Endler strains are in general a product of human influence. De manière générale, c'est un poisson indépendant qui ne se … Yellow Tiger was originally created accidentally from a cross between Endlers and guppies. with just female tiger endlers. Un mâle mesure 3 à 4 cm, alors qu’une femelle … Endlers can be in amazing contrasting colors with some having bright metallic shades, iridescent tones, and glowing vivid colors. The endler males are smaller in size than the females endlers and are more bright and colourful compare to the females. De même que n'avoir que des mâles, les guppys sont des chauds lapins qui ont besoin d'au moins 3 femelles par mâle, que ce soient des guppys d'élevage ou des endler. female fin there usually shape triangular,, La femelle ne joue aucun rôle dans les soins parentaux, le mâle ancistrus prend soin de ses jeunes. No gonopodium? Can Neon Tetras be bred by Endlers? Hello, With the exception of a few strains female Endlers have little coloration on their bodies or fins. One of the biggest things besides color that you will find with Endlers if their activity level compared to Fancy Guppies. They are prolific breeders and will quickly fill your tank. It would be a shame to mix the two strains together as there has been so much work done to make each strain as beautiful as possible. Female Endlers in a few Endler strains exhibit black coloration on the dorsal fin. My tank is well cycled and I think these fish would be more interesting and more fun to watch than most others. Males can grow up to 1-1/8 inches (3 cm), females can grow up to 2-1/8 inches (6 cm) when they’re fully grown. And if you have males and females—or rather, if you have even a single female who has been in the company of a male—you will have babies. Poecilia endler japan blue Endlers Guppy. This guppy has a half black body with any pastel solid color in their caudal … I have 2 Neon Tetras and 1 Betta in there now so can I get 6 for a colony or is that too many for this tank? White dorsal fins are thought to be a sign that they are a hybrid however that’s not necessarily true as some strains like the Lime Green Endler have a white or very light blue dorsal fin. From a conservationists point of view it is very important to keep Endlers pure and prevent hybridization. Endlers can be accidentally crossed accidentally in several ways. I bought some endler from some hobbyist. Petit poisson d'eau douce de 2 à 4cm adulte. Guppies have a gonopodium that is thicker with several hooks. How can you tell the difference between a male and female angel fish? Let’s get down to all the beautiful and eye-catching colors of the different types of guppies. Of course if you were to keep only males there would be no possibility of them mixing. Males tend to bother the females too much if you have more males than females. Like hybrids between Swordtails and Platys, whether or not a hybrid is called an Endler or a Guppy usually depends on what it most looks like. You can tell the difference between a male and female guppy at first glance because: Males are more colorful. Jul 8, 2014 - care and information. Endler guppies, or endler’s livebearers, are sub species of the guppy fish that are most often found in South American streams and pools. Franklin F. Bond collected the species from Venezuela’s Laguna de Patos in 1937, while Dr. John Endler rediscovered it in 1975. This is how Philippe Voisin developed the Blue Star Endler strain from a single male that his son captured. How do you tell male/female on a red tail shark? 6415: 1 - 2 cm: € 3,55 Poecilia endler SUPERCOLOR Endlers Guppy. The male Endlers are smaller than females, about an inch in size and their colors are very intense; ranging from the black, orange, blue, yellow, red, and metallic green. Le Poecilia wingei est un très petit poisson tropical d'eau douce, vif et coloré. We don’t believe this to be 100% true. Son nom est donné en hommage à un botaniste et explorateur britannique nommé Robert John Lechmere Guppy. They all look pure endler though they can't be as they were bred from females known to be endler-guppy hybrids. Nov 16, 2016 - This Pin was discovered by Caio Fern. Tips for separating male and female guppies,, I need help figuring out if my glofish are male or female. These differences in genetics may show up later in later generations. Because the Endlers are exposed only to a small number of other fish compared to in the wild the genetics also limits what the fish will become over several generations. ... 1 endler guppy males West Virginia firefly fish Easy care. Certainly not as they are your fish to do with as you please. (a female guppy, a pregnant femal... How do you tell the difference between a male and female ghost shrimp? Not only are Endlers being crossed with Guppies intentionally they also cross unintentionally. There are several new guppy strains being developed today many of which are actually Endler/Guppy hybrids. I have produced Endlers from pure stock that looks very similar to the El Salto Guppies. Gender difference Endler’s livebearers male and female deferences. Tracey. P. reticulate, P. obscure guppy breed and the cross descendants will able to produce. Hi I have 4 male (I think) endlers in my 10 gal I'm starting to think one is a girl can u tell? To breed these fish all you need to do is put male and female fish in a tank together. They were rediscovered by John Endler in 1975, thus their name. Even if the resulting offspring look like the original male there has been other genetics that have been introduced into the bloodline making them different than the original males. Température. There have been several accounts of accidental hybrids caused by Guppies jumping into a tank of Endlers. Behind its abdomen there is a small spot, which indicates that they have some embryos inside. Discover (and save!) Female Endlers are often thought to be smaller than Guppies because they can produce young at a very small size however Female Endlers can grow to be every bit as large as female Guppies. Endlers Livebearers: Endangered or Extinct? The Endler fish can mate with the guppies’ species, i.e. Endlers are characterized by their small sizes. I HAVE 4 GUPPIES AND MY MALE GUPPY... What to do when your guppy female is expecting fry. Body and Shape — Female body is a lot rounder and bigger than a male’s. guppys endler variés Poecilia sp. I have been reading all I can and am confused about the N Class and the Pure Class are those the same thing? Will I be notified of their availability? There is quite a bit of debate concerning El Salto Guppies. Guppies get along well with other fish so they can share a tank with other non-violent marine animals. 16.02.2016 - Ein Forum für alle Freunde von Guppy, Schwertträger, Molly, Platy, garnelen,moose in und um Berlin,Interessengemeinschaft Poeciliidae Deutschland (IGPD) Leopard Tail Endlers Hybrid 0.5" Out of stock. Guppy oder auch Endler Guppys: Man kann sagen, dass dieser Fisch, welchen wir euch heute vorstellen wollen, der wohl bekannteste im Süßwasseraquarium ist. Le Guppy Endler vit en harem, comptez 3 femelles pour un mâle. Another thing that can help differentiate a Guppy from an Endler is the body color of the females. Are Hybrid Endlers Healthier than Fancy Guppies? Can a male guppy and a female molly have babies, ive heard r... Why is it that my female betta is the one who is chasing the male? Différences sexuelles : le mâle, plus petit est beaucoup plus coloré que la femelle et posséde un gonopode 2 exemples de guppys mâles. Our experience has shown that this happens in about 1% of the males. To do this we use images of the original strain as a pattern for our selective breeding process and do our best to bring out those traits that we like best from those photos. Endler hybrids are here to stay however we feel hobbyists should be responsible and make sure it is clear to those who receive them know that they are hybrids. Männliche und weibliche Guppys vermehren sich sehr schnell, wenn sie sich paaren, aber es ist auch bekannt, dass sie ihre Nachkommen auffressen. Your email address will not be published. Bonjour, Je souhaite changer les espèces de mon bac. Volume d'eau min. while male fin there are modified and looks slim and pointed.. Just with male endlers in it and red cherry shrimp. Endler’s livebearer fish are also known as the Black-bar Endler or Endler’s guppy. Some Differences between Endlers and Guppies. There is also the issue of what are known as crossover genes. or Best Offer. Most of the Endler strains that are available in the hobby today were developed from a very few number of Endlers. and look much like a plain looking female guppy. NOTE: Some links may lead to one of our articles that are posted on another website. They are strains that originated from guppy/endler hybrids. They appear to be Black Bar Endler / guppy hybrids. Sexual selection may explain why secondary sexual traits of males are so strongly developed in some species that they seem maladaptive. If you were to allow the two strains to breed together the result would be pure Orchid Endlers (N Class) however the resulting fry would likely end up looking like one or the other strains or possibly a combination of both. The females are usually monochromatic. Why is my male guppy biting my female guppies stomach he's not trying to ma... How do I know if a Dalmatian Molly is a male or female..? Endlers are absolutely ideal nano/community fish, and the Yellow Tiger is one of the rarest and most spectacular! In fact, I would not label her an Endler at all. Most Bronze guppies on the show bench have either Red BiColor or Green BiColor tails. We have not tried Neon Tetras or Bettas with Endlers yet and we are not sure of how compatible they are. Zone de vie . Information About Endlers, Guppies & Other Freshwater Fish. The Endlers Livebearer is a really nice looking livebearer that the true wild strain is almost extinct, if not already is. Aussi je vends tous mes guppies: * mâle (coloré) : 1 CHF * femelle (grise, sans couleur): 2 CHF * alevins: … For example pure female El Tigre Endlers normally have a black dorsal fin. Le mâle est plus petit et plus coloré que la femelle. Les gonopodes sont aussi une caractéristique de certains arthropodes. The female coloring is sole-coloured with golden or silvery tint. Male Endlers are usually smaller than Guppies. Many hobbyists believe it is wrong to create Endler Hybrids. Thank you for your interest. We feel offering hybrid Endlers not only gives our customers a better selection but also helps introduce new hobbyists into the exciting world of Endlers and Endler hybrids. 1er différence : Le guppy tel qu’on le trouve dans les animalerie a été créé par l’homme, le guppy endler est sauvage. Black guppies are mostly black in color. PH (acidité) 6.0 à 7.0. This swordtail is mostly just coloration inside the caudal fin however the sword sometimes grows outside the caudal fin. Apr 2, 2017 - This Pin was discovered by stephen plenty. This is similar to the genetic differences between a Swordtail and a Platy which are often crossed to produce some of the unique Swordtails and Platys that can be found in the hobby today. your own Pins on Pinterest This “sword” is usually just a coloration on the caudal fin (tail fin) rather than a true sword. Because the endlers are smaller in size you can get away with having more in a small tank. Le mâle doit s'accoupler avec la femelle seulement une fois pour que celle‐ci puisse produire plusieurs co ; Définition gonopode: Un gonopode est un organe copulateur issu d'une modification de la nageoire anale chez certains poissons pratiquant la fécondation interne. The Endlers in these photo's are not pure Endlers but crosses. This does not always work 100% of the time as environmental factors can have a huge effect on the coloration of both Guppies and Endlers.

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