san fran transit: we refuse to release crime

There's no way to know from that number alone. It's a beautiful place full of excellent people. The VC was based in SF. Your argument seems to basically be, once the high-salaried tech workers leave, the city will get worse. Is this a serious reply? Even the cities on the same train line as SF don't have the same problems, nor do better run cities with less money with good weather (Texas, Utah, Florida). Or food they did not like. It sounds like to me that you're saying that the city and surrounding governments couldn't handle the new, unruly kid on the block that is "tech", so the kid gets blamed for having bad parents? Whether completing a dissertation or working on a freshman-level humanities project, students will benefit from the depth and breadth of scholarly, full-text content within our databases as well as ease of access and search functionality. Afterward we all know the drill where politicians will claim that "no one could have seen it coming", it was just an unlucky confluence of events and there was really nothing they could have done to prevent it. It's "Dutch Disease"[1] from a different angle. If the articles are written during "worse" times for businesses, then they might have been 100% right even though the predictions never come true. > Rather than addressing transportation issues, tech just built their own exclusive network. Exactly, even many "progressive" groups are okay with a situation where many people who want to live in SF won't be able to. But yeah, from 2009-2020, traffic went from somewhat manageable to batshit crazy. Where I first heard the idea that CA will collapse because "everyone is moving to NV to avoid CA taxes" was the WSJ...thirty years ago. I see that CA is still there, and far more populated than it was 30 years ago. If you only value the lives of those in the vehicle, you're right that it's probably safer per mile. I see this move as being a boon for a lot of cities in the US: Atlanta, Dallas, Austin and Denver spring to mind. The 11 minute drive from our house into town (capital of Washington state) is ironically shorter than a drive to the nearest Safeway in Mountain View at certain times of the day. What in the hell are they spending money on? as happens in almost any liberal US city. Back to the bad takes: from what I've read the takes are all from people who moved out of the Bay. I suspect the next big tech wave is going to be software-enabled hardware (think 3D printing, or drones, or robotics) or software-enabled biotech (think Verily, Calico, or DeepMind's protein-folding breakthrough today). "things" just got too out of balance over the past decade plus. > If it's not possible to have a middle class existence in SF, then surely it's even less possible to have a working class or poor existence in SF. From what I saw, there is always some portion of local people (like the angry anti-skyscraper guy in this article) that is too xenophobic and anti change, just as there is always some portion of newcomers that is too transactional, extractive, and ready to skip town when the going gets tough. Even in East Palo Alto you're looking at a 7 for HS. Most places don't do any "shoveling off the riff-raff", yet they don't have that problem. A quick google search about Spokane turned up this[1] and this[2]. [1] Also the idea that Californians moving are responsible for pushing Austin in a more liberal direction I find untrue and a bit at odds with reality both from data presented on metro-to-metro movements [1, 2] and also with my own anecdotal experience here. That's a second order effect at best. I would argue that making factually true statements for which the obvious implication actually is not true is inappropriate - and if it's not by mistake (as it seems out of your other comments) then it's intentionally misleading and should be downvoted. Share photos and videos, send messages and get updates., The bureaucracy drives out developers, leaving only those who are willing to deal with nightmarish levels of legal hurdles. jwz on suicide watch. I don't think so; the 3rd-world-like situation is limited mostly to SF, many other cities in the same area are not as progressive and doing better. The problem is that in reality, paying more taxes just creates more problems. Politicians in SF always money hungry will then try to hit the 'billionaires' where it hurts, 'their wallets', and try to raise taxes leading to more people leaving. I just think more breathing room will open up. But I think your point is strong enough to be presented without exaggeration or misleading. "Fifth largest economy" has worked out well for the 1%, people who bought homes forever ago, and really no one else. The numbers are that of the $300-350 million/year SF budget for homeless, 60% goes to permanent rent subsidies (low-income long-term residents. If they have the incentives to protect the wealth fund. This is such a huge thing when it comes to quality of life. It also behooves us to consider the practicality of public health measures. A scare or two about companies fleeing the state is necessary to get the state/counties/cities to cut back on suffocating red tape for small businesses. What always struck me as unusual in SF is that the bad areas are finely interlaced with or even overlapping with the "nice" commercial/dining/shopping areas. are just as bad as the Tenderloin. Getting people to stop using drugs is a much taller order. And do WHAT, for them? My aunt told me, a lady on her Nextdoor ostracized the neighborhood for giving the homeless things they didn't need. Most of the South Bay is 8-10 for schools - it has literally some of the best schools in the country. ZDNet's technology experts deliver the best tech news and analysis on the latest issues and events in IT for business technology professionals, IT managers and tech-savvy business people. Honestly laughed out loud reading GP compare the shittyness of San Francisco to how unbelievably awful and abandoned parts of Detroit are. There's a small window around 10:00am-11:30am where you can just get in the car and run somewhere real quick without sitting in it. Furthermore, the wealth of tech is completely different from the voting base of tech. [0] When I'm driving I'm way more worried about hurting someone else then actually getting hurt myself. BibleThe Bible is a collection of religious texts or scriptures sacred to Christians, Jews, Samaritans, Rastafari and others. $2 million for a really nice house in the Hollywood Hills, which looked to be actually designed, not just some standard floor plan from Tolt Brothers. We would like to show you a description here but the site won’t allow us. They can take low paying jobs and still make ends meet so they drive wages down. Cycling is more dangerous in America because of bad cycling infrastructure. A city is more than its covid rate. The mortgage we now have is 40% cheaper than the bay area house we had, and in the bay area all of our schools were 3's and 5's. > more lives will be lost to the costs of a severe lockdown than saved by it. In the Redmond, WA area, $2 million. The rate of rent increase in San Francisco was higher before the tech boom than after. So now I'm wondering if there are a lot of VCs because there are a lot of tech companies. It appears that the huge per-person budget San Francisco has for homeless people is actually generating homeless people. People come, people go, some people stay. Though to be fair, they have their own theories of how they think new housing causes gentrification, and they typically try to encumber developers with low-income housing requirements and other community benefits rather than opposing new housing for the sake of benefiting incumbent landlords. The core idea is that as a society's productivity increases, this just gets captured by higher land values and rents, leaving labour having to pay even more rent to just survive. I would gladly spent it to make my community more egalitarian. He wanted to stay in DC, and had the talent he wanted there. A buddy of mine years ago did a sports-coaching related start-up in Washington, DC. The amount of money spent on food and beverages to enjoy, perhaps, the United States’ most high-profile annual sporting event, adds up to more than twice the global budget of the UN’s World Food Programme (WFP), according to the agency. Right; traffic was one of the main reasons we lived so close 'in'. Now what? Econ 101. There is good data saying that people have delayed medical care (including me), but I can't find anything about detailed results. That was a mental mistake on my part. Even in quasi non capitalistic is the difference between Russia and China. That was largely due to there being too many people who had to live there. Of course it's serious, and you just confirmed it: SF is not "inhabited" by the working poor at all, who are forced to live elsewhere. 8 months of three glorious seasons without a single drop of rain AND no drought. Their creation depresses the price of older houses. Get a new, rent-controlled place now - you'll never have a better opportunity. I applaud people who want to confirm what I have provided. I visited SF late last year and it seemed pretty nice to me. I’m not trying to hide anything. I disagree with the statement that the number is meaningless. If it's not possible to have a middle class existence in SF, then surely it's even less possible to have a working class or poor existence in SF. Not receiving a positive result due to not being tested in the first place means nothing. What is the city/state/federal political mood on matters of big homeless, housing, or infrastructure projects? Anyone suggesting or promoting violence in the comments section will be immediately banned, permanently. No where on do I use the term "COVID negative". has been dying nationwide. Sounds dope. Therefore, since the city is now exclusively populated by rich people, wouldn't the average person be rich, and therefore have a better quality of life than the average middle class person ~30 years ago? Collision with a moving motor vehicle is only about 11%. No one would be coming here if the jobs were in Montana. “Breakfast just doesn’t work for take-out.” The restaurant was known for their breakfasts and always had a crowd in the mornings. Cycling is inherently more dangerous than either walking or driving, no matter what. Put another way, cycling is only more dangerous than driving if you consider an SUV running over a bike to be an example of cycling being the more dangerous form of transport. Dot-com 1 burst around April 2000 but I don't think the rents fully bottomed out for nearly two years. The problem isn't just that the government is doing nothing; it's that they actually block progress. This is what it means to have all the incentives shaped against you. This is of course nothing new, for instance NY has gone through many ups and downs of its own and all along many in the media claimed "NY is dying!". >SF had a city budget of approx. The worst parts of LA, Chicago, Detroit, etc. "Cyclists are either 3.4x or 11.5x as likely to die as motorists, per passenger mile." In area high school basketball action from Thursday night in the girls: Hart County Lady Raiders defeated Cumberland County 54 to 21 with Hart County's Dea Bradley scoring 15 points, Haley Sturgeon scored 12 points and Kylie Adcock scored 11 points with three 3's. Connect with friends, family and other people you know. You clearly don't frequent the WSJ opinion section. That is either a personal choice or a consequence of overwhelmed facilities. SF and other bay area cities are more than happy to build tons of office space for tens of thousands of office jobs, but when it comes to building the housing those new workers need to live... Nope. FYI you're shadow banned, basically all your comments are currently defaulting to [dead] and you're talking to yourself and HNers like me with showdead=yes. Winter freezes all churn. So in a sense part of the problem is just the mood of the place. I doubt more taxes would help. No they (Chicago) are not paying for them. We write high quality term papers, sample essays, research papers, dissertations, thesis papers, assignments, book reviews, speeches, book reports, custom web content and business papers. SV's greatest strength is the large number of people who can be convinced to apply their technical knowledge to a project that sounds crazy and doesn't exist yet. I've been following the SF homeless situation pretty closely. I don't think the advocates will be thrilled with the results. This comment is a great example of the SV bubble mindset. That's fine, I guess, but boy howdy, I'll bet I've grown far more out-of-touch and more bubbled than I'd like to think. This is exactly the problem that GP was talking about, and you come back with a smug "well our Covid rates are really low" comment. So no, this isn't some game of 19 dimensional chess, its just a stupid false narrative being pushed by people with power, vested interests, massive jealousy, thin skin, and many grudges. And over 80% of cycling crashes are falls, running into fixed objects, or running into another cyclist. Specifically, policy which makes it too expensive to live in the city unless you're part of that dominant industry. There's no state income taxes. My point was that dismissing COVID because it "only affects the elderly" is not accurate. I moved to Southern California, the others moved to: Given SF has been extremely heavy handed with the lockdowns, and a huge number of people leaving, alot of them well paid. The traffic in the bay area is completely absurd. If the daily cases were to go up by 10x (2000 daily cases), it would still show 881,000 negative cases. So there are clearly going to be massive negative impacts from the mitigation, and nobody will know the scale for decades to come. (SF resident of 30 years). He also opposed with farcical arguments statewide upzoning that would have allowed more construction in wealthy neighborhoods (opposed SB 827 and opposed SB 50 But before the tech boom it wasn’t affordable for lower income people. But we feel these people are mostly, homeless by choice. free market forces. But this is exactly a consequence of catering to wealthy tech: infrastructure is left to collapse while development focuses on the wealthy. At the very least throw out long-haul car trips. And the city's budget has grown by about 50% in ten years. Seattle also has international shipping, multiple Universities, and, at least for now, Boeing. >I suspect the next big tech wave is going to be software-enabled hardware (think 3D printing, or drones, or robotics) or software-enabled biotech (think Verily, Calico, or DeepMind's protein-folding breakthrough today). Indeed, we're loving it, especially given that we generally like cool, wet weather as a baseline. In 2018, Ted Cruz as the incumbent retained his Senate seat against Beto O'Rourke by a mere 2 points [2]. It's extremely easy for a californian mayor to tell people to stay home/wear masks and get a relatively high level of compliance. > I contend that if you are not taking a test it’s because you didn’t need a test. But that's the only time I've felt the earth tremble in the 20 years I've lived in the Seattle area. You may not deal with tropical cyclones, but please understand that where you live the weather can become quite violent. Better yet, watch the whole thing. Granted, I'm originally from the south eastern US, so I'm used to hurricanes, but this place is a cake walk. Anyone at all, really. Look at the rest of the data. is the one place where you find help for all types of assignments. I will note that historically the busts take time to play out just like the booms do. The high cost exacerbates all those other problems! I'm looking forward to retractions of all these level zero takes when rent prices spike in July. Weather. Not many lives should be lost by lockdowns, if at all. Great for her... A few years old... Your company got sold for $100 million? Pinterest paid big money to break its lease to move out of SF, Stripe is moving out, Charles Schwab and McKesson, and Bechtel also moved their HQ out of SF and CA in general. Tech people haven't in general been highly politically involved, but political involvement- real political involvement, the kind that go to town halls as well as protests, the kind that build communities, etc. The last few years, it's gotten so much worse and letting it bleed into the suburbs makes no sense IMO. Personally, I'm hoping vaccinations against COVID are what ends the pandemic. That's what it's like to be an immigrant subject to capricious laws. A stopped clock might be right twice a day, but I'll be dead before the WSJ (or anyone) finally strikes gold with their "everyone is leaving CA" prediction. > If you really care about public safety, you should pay attention to homelessness, drug addiction, and the problems in the streets! Non profit org, public sector employees, donations, city employees, univ PhD researchers, grants etc...for every dollar, more than 60%(I will have to look up the exact number)..will go towards managing the homeless rather than aiding the homeless find a roof over their heads. Detroit is an interesting comparison, it is hard to imagine right now, but I won't count anything out completely. No San Francisco is underfunded and they've been added to by Voter initiatives. She and her…” If you're going to play nice and respect established wisdom, you'll never even bother embarking on such a project. That's always been my concern about the west coast. Ie, getting jobs/education/etc to then exit this system? In reality it takes much longer than 30 years to topple empires as large as California (or the Bay Area) and it will often appear externally healthy right before the crash. His biggest gripe was that the turnover was a lot higher, and he was often getting people who seemed to have lower aptitude for their roles. The 3rd world level dilapidation surrounding rich enclaves is very specific to liberal-run cities as far as I can tell (my favorite quote from a Nob Hill condo owner - "It's only nice here because the homeless are too lazy to walk uphill"). We all know how much sunlight has an effect on humans and productivity. As it is in almost any liberal US city. Most people don't have that. Nope, it's always young techies that are the problem since they are the easiest target. I added an edit to that comment to say I was wrong. Rapid scale up crucial to meet humanitarian needs in Ethiopia’s Tigray: Joint UN-Government mission, US decision will provide ‘profound relief’ to millions in war-torn Yemen: UN spokesperson, India: UN rights office urges ‘maximum restraint’ in ongoing protests, Myanmar: Respect right to peaceful assembly, UN human rights office says, FROM THE FIELD: Sharing migration stories across generations in Central America, Unity, funding and decisive action needed to end FGM and protect millions of girls, UN says, FROM THE FIELD: COVID-19 increasing risk of female genital mutilation, Hopes and fears of mother-to-be in Afghanistan, FROM THE FIELD: Chicken wings, hunger and the Super Bowl, Libya: ‘Historic moment’ as UN-led forum selects new interim leadership, Unless COVID is suppressed everywhere, we’ll be ‘back at square one’, Tedros warns, UN welcomes US decision to ‘strengthen its diplomatic engagement’ towards Yemen peace dealÂ, Aid agencies renew appeals for aid access to all areas in Ethiopia’s Tigray, Senior officials call on Israel to halt West Bank demolitions and respect international law, Paraguay: UN rights chief calls for ‘prompt, independent’ probe into girl deaths and disappearanceÂ, Dispatch of millions of COVID-19 vaccines to Africa expected to start in February: WHO, Security Council calls for release of Aung San Suu Kyi, pledging ‘continued support’ for Myanmar’s democratic transition, New podcast: Building life after the Holocaust, Arrests, military control ‘a serious blow’ to democratic reforms in Myanmar: UN chief, INTERVIEW: Economic and Social Council ‘vital to promote global peace and global cooperation’, EXCLUSIVE INTERVIEW: Shortsighted and 'stupid mistake' not to support affordable COVID vaccine for all, says Guterres, INTERVIEW: The top diplomat shepherding the General Assembly through its 75th year, WHO supports COVID-19 vaccination campaign in India, UN agencies supporting mammoth India COVID-19 vaccine rollout, Shining a light on sexually exploited women and girls forced into crime, The virus that shut down the world: 2020, a year like no other. Fantastic infrastructure (SF roadways are littered with potholes and terrible quality), affordable housing and supported citizens. As far as biking infrastructure, if you ignore the other problems, SF has really stepped up its game, mostly due to the effort by the SF Cycling coalitions, I believe (And a number of cycling related deaths). The working poor commute in on decaying, often dangerous public transit from an hour or more away. In 2000 in a close election, Bush 43 carried Texas by >21 [1]. The whole infrastructure of holding politicians accountable is rotting out from the country. A bit off topic perhaps, but i'm always interested in peoples opinion on the subject. I'm not sure if I buy the quality of life argument, at least in the context of the very well-paid tech employees. Only 6-10 schools around me. The statistical change from day to day would be less than 1% so it's hard for humans to grasp a significant increase in cases. It was a mistake in my earlier comment and I have added an edit. Yes, these things are cyclical, but rents are still not crashing to levels affordable to the working class. The absurd housing prices in San Francisco aren't healthy for either the tech companies nor the non-tech neighbors. If you ever read Jane Jacobs "The Death and Life of Great American Cities" she describes exactly the cycle we are experiencing: a cheap place is colonized by artists and eccentrics, it becomes cool, this attracts mainstream folks, this makes the place hyped & expensive, the people who made it cool move away, it then becomes lame, eventually it decays, is abandoned, and becomes cheap again. However, if you adjust for "lifestyle" diseases, cycling becomes more attractive. My Mom married an ex SF firefighter. NYC if anyone sets up a tent you can report and it'll get dumped the same day. The other shows the maximum awareness of a problem. That's a fallacious conclusion. No CA or SF program can do that, however, since there is a hedonic sink in the shape of CalPERS. I'm saying that people who blame recent migrants for decades of urban planning policy are possessed of the rare and wonderful opportunity to reassess how they apportion blame. Pretty much every city and state, liberal or conservative, has a fair share of population that is struggling with drug addiction, mental health issues, and poverty. A city prospers when it has economic churn. Sure, downtown and surrounding branches (Corktown) have come back, but Detroit itself is physically huge, and can house Boston, the island of Manhattan, and San Fransisco within its borders[0]. The geography of the region is just too damned good for the density. Expect a historic drop in revenue for the city, this means less services, less funding for education, more filth, more homeless, more drugs everywhere. I see it all over mainstream media (CNN being the worst offender), Twitter, etc. This article is a rehash of existing information and an insult to tech workers that were forced out (such as myself). > That puts San Francisco on track to lose more than 700 people to drugs in 2020 — or nearly two every day. If you don't believe me, use Streetview on Google Maps and click you way around the city. If SF was going to make one great budgetary fix it would be to move away from pensions for public employees and move to a more traditional 401k retirement funds.

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